June 11, 2012

Diana Moden 08-2010-27

My Mom wanted me to make a knit summer dress for her to wear around the house that is simple and comfortable. After browsing through magazines a decision was made towards Diana Moden 08-2010 model 27. This magazine was sent to me by my friend from Russia to make another knit dress for myself, which I did. In fact, the magazine features it as a top, but I lengthened it and made it a dress.
Here's the technical drawing of my Mom's dress:

There are just two pattern pieces to cut. I thought it was a perfect design to showcase nice fabric, so after making a wearable mouslin (not pictures), I made two more dresses. I skipped the back darts and added 3 inches to length.

The teal/brown/green dress is probably my favourite - lovely colours and the fabric is so nice to touch. I bought 3 yards of it couple of years ago from Fabric Mart - which was enough to make a dress for my Mom and myself (not blogged yet).

The one below is made from rayon jersey from Fabric.com. It ended up looking more like an evening dress, but I still like it.

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