March 10, 2013

BurdaStyle 10-2011-145 and Michael Miller dissapointment

I wanted to make this dress for DD1 for the longest time! So finally I did. In fact I made her 2 of them and one more is half way done.
This is a very cute pattern for the little girl and comes together fast. The first dress is made from cotton jersey from I made a regular neckline not boat-neck and fancied it up a bit with a piece of bamboo ribbing under the binding.

The second dress is made from Michael Miller interlock knit which I love. It is super soft and great quality. BUT it shrinks sooooo much!!! I made a mistake of not washing it prior to sewing (and I always wash my fabric), but it shrank even more after additional washes. Oh, man. The neckline on this dress is finished with fold-over elastic (FOE). 

Here's a little perspective of how much this fabric shrinks - the shirts below are made for DD2 using the SAME pattern:

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