May 30, 2013

Ottobre 02-2013-13 Tunic

Ever since I saw a preview of this Ottobre issue on their website, the idea of implementing this tunic didn’t leave my mind. In fact I had the same color bamboo jersey in my stash! (Bought from – unfortunately, the piece I bought was only 1 yard long and it was not enough, but the salmon color bamboo was just right.)

I was intrigued by how it will fit and whether the design any flattering. I patiently waited for anybody to try it and share the experience on the web before I cut it, but so far I didn’t see any. So I had to try it myself... The pattern piece for from and back look weird and I felt skeptical that the pattern combines two sizes (i.e. 38/40). Except for the neck opening, the front and back pieces look the same – my concern was the armhole.

But my curiosity took over common sense!

After tracing the pattern, I had even more concerns. I looked like I was sewing a little tent :)

Photo from the magazine:

Description from the magazine:

The lemon-yellow bamboo jersey tunic has an asymmetrical hemline. The front and back are cut as a single piece, placing the lower part of the left side-seam edge on the fabric fold. On the finished garment, the longer left side falls beautifully on the hip, creating a draped effect. The neckline is gathered with clear elastic tape and finished with jersey binding.

I have to say, it comes together exceptionally fast – you don’t need to match the back and front – after cutting it, just pin the sides and shoulders and sew right away!

The neckline could’ve been done better – I applied clear elastic tape as per instructions, but decided to sew it all around the neckline (without really stretching it), but it ended up being tighter than in the magazine.

Left side:

I love the result! It is so comfortable and breathable - perfect for summer. It looks great with skinny jeans/jeggings.

Another shot of the left side in the mirror:

Thank you, my curiosity and Ottobre, it's a winner :)

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I'm still trying to decide if I should make this top!